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What’s the idea?

Operating as a non-profit, We want to collect  mixed, contaminated plastic waste usually sent to landfill – or worse the ocean – and recycle it into a usable material. Through multiple trials we’ve managed to create a very durable, hard material that can be used for a variety of purposes but we need your help turning our research into reality.

Why? Because nobody wants to consume plastic in their diet and if we don’t do something now we’ll end up in an irreversible, unimaginable situation.

operational steps

Example Fusion Trials

unwanted plastics trials

Where the money raised will go;


What will the end result be;

The average 40 yard waste container holds up to 4.5 tonnes of mixed waste. We estimate a “plastics only” dedicated waste container will hold closer to 2 tonnes of waste. Assuming 20 local businesses request two uplifts per month we will make 40 collects totaling 80 tonnes.

Per year that’s 960 tonnes of plastic from 1 operation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our business model is simple; accept plastic waste cheaper than it would be to send it to landfill and turn it into usable lengths that are sold for cheaper than current alternatives, like timber or metal. The profit made from selling the recycled material will be used to expand our operations further afield, creating employment and diverting waste back into society as a usable material. Operating as a non profit, all funds will go back into our operations. But, we need your help. The setup costs for a basic recycling operation run into six figures, but if we all chip in a little spare change we can make a real difference.

A 40 yard container filled with mixed waste is charged at a minimum of $490 (£350).

We want to offer the same container for plastics only at $385 (£275), making it attractive to local businesses. In fact, we've already for a few customers waiting!

Assuming we service 20 local businesses and they each request 2 collections per month our total income will be 20 x 2 x $385 = $15,400 (£11,000). Our gross yearly income will be $184,800 (£132,000).

Our monthly running costs will be as follows (over-estimated using an exchange rate of $1.4 = £1;

  • Rent and rates $3,500 (£2,500)
  • Maintenance, utilities and insurance $3,500 (£2,500)
  • 2 full time members of staff paid $3,360 (£2,400) monthly + 13% contributions = $7,594 (£5,424)
Total: $14,595 (£10,425)
Khalid Khames

Khalid Khames

Hello, my name is Khalid Khames. As a Director for a leading construction company in Scotland, UK, I have been involved in our waste operations for a long time (view my LinkedIn). In fact, I spent a few solid months trying to reduce our costs to no avail. Aside from separating our timber waste there was no other feasible way of reducing our waste disposal costs.

Upon further investigating I found out that a lot of our waste plastic is discarded to landfill, much to my annoyance, as there was no perceived value. I then read that it is estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050 and that 83% of drinking water samples taken from around the globe contained plastic particles.

Khalid Khames with daughter Piper

Khalid Khames with daughter Piper

I knew I had to do something, if not for me then for my daughter and our future generations. So, in my own time I spent countless hours investigating the scale of the problem and potential solutions, speaking with multiple extrusion companies but unfortunately getting no further. Finally I took it upon myself to collect waste plastic from my own waste disposal and trialled fusing it together by various means.

Eventually I found a solution that worked, and was created. I don’t want to leave this World in a worse state than I found it and certainly don’t want to burden my daughter with a problem I could have solved.

Can you help me?

As a non-profit we don’t have the funding to market our campaign. As a result we’re utilising multiple crowdfunding platforms to get as much exposure as possible.

As we're based in Central Scotland, UK, we're going to base our operations here. This will allow us to target the market we already know so much about, iron out any issues and expand quicker than setting up elsewhere.

Remember it doesn't matter where we are based, by removing plastic from our environment it benefits us all regardless of location.

Operating as a non-profit it is our intention to open up further recycling stations with the income generated

We’ve set our goals as “flexible”, so if we don’t reach it we’ll still utilise the funds to get there, including apply for government grants.
As we’ll be operating as a non-profit all revenue will go back into our operation. We’d like to expand this simple but effective solution on a global scale, but that’ll take time which we understand. Our aim is to divert all plastic waste AWAY from landfill or the ocean whilst CREATING employment. Remember it doesn’t matter where our operation is, by recycling waste anywhere we’re potentially diverting it from the same ocean we ALL use whilst creating employment at the same time!

Our trials have indicated that, when the correct temperature is reached, we can fuse multiple plastics together. On occasion there have been some anomalies, for example plastic with a foil backing, which we would remove using a magnetic separator.

Undoubtedly there will be some plastics that we have difficulty with and we will attempt to adjust our methods to incorporate them into our recycling system.

Our trials have indicated that we can fuse multiple plastics together, however many extrusion companies state their extruders could not handle this process as the plastics would stick to the inside of the extrusion screw, causing it to fail. As a result we have dedicated a large portion of our total crowd funding goal to an extruder as we may need to build our own.
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